The Patreon Project ?  I'm looking for community support to crowd fund the next plugin developments.  I've kept a number of plugins in my hidden laboratory for too long.  Some were planned as commercial projects but I'm not ready to take that step yet so I'm going somewhere in between.  The more support the more I'll put in.

Why Free Plugins ?  Many people love to share their wonderful and inspirational art with their friends and online, some try to sell it.  I made these plugins because I needed them myself and I like a challenge.  I don't like key frames.  With input from the Carrara community I can improve them and help to make our favourite application better and stronger.  Without the great support of the Carrara team and other developers I couldn't have made them.

Why Sparrowhawke3D ?  Raef Sparrowhawke was an NPC in a D&D campaign I ran in the 90's "The Roguehawks".  He travelled around a fictional version of the 14th century world as a companion of the Blackhawk, seeking out and 'collecting' ancient lost treasures.  Both possessed cloaks that enabled the power of flight and transformation into birds.  It's a story waiting to be retold.....

Why the 2D logo ?  It was just one of those little drawings I think I nailed and couldn't do it again.  I actually modeled the head out of blu-tac for a reference.

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