Why Free Plugins ?  Many people love to share their wonderful and inspirational art with their friends and online, some try to sell it.  I made these plugins because I needed them myself and I like a challenge.  I don't like key frames.  With input from the Carrara community I can improve them and help to make our favourite application better and stronger.  Without the great support of the Carrara team and other developers I couldn't have made them.

I'm not looking for donations but I will accept small gift vouchers.  If you have used one of my plugins in a finished project and are completely satisfied with the results you can purchase a Gift Certificate from DAZ3D or from Renderosity.  Please send me a link or sample of your work showing where you used my plugins.

Why Sparrowhawke3D ?  Raef Sparrowhawke was an NPC in a D&D campaign I ran in the 90's "The Roguehawks".  He travelled around a fictional version of the 14th century world as a companion of the Blackhawk, seeking out and 'collecting' ancient lost treasures.  Both possessed cloaks that enabled the power of flight and transformation into birds.  It's a story waiting to be retold.....

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