Grab Zones

One of the features of the new version of the Cloth Deformer is Grab Zones.  Interaction with hands and other moving objects that need to grab the cloth can be faked by using a spherical zone(s) at the start of the simulation to grab any number of vertices of the cloth.  When the grab object is moved the held vertices move with it to maintain the same local position in the zone, so they rotate as well as translate.


This animation shows a Michael 5 figure for Genesis trying to get attention by waving a slightly ripped t-shirt.  The cloth was given 4 seconds of animation to drape before starting to wave it about.  Some proxy objects were used on his arms and hand to prevent any possible collisions with him and get a very fast simulation result.  The shirts self-collisions all work well – but moving at that speed it’s hard to see any poke-thrus anyway.

In future I’d like to be able to have the grab zones turn off somehow to release their held vertices.  Also to be able to grab vertices during the simulation would be important.  That will be easy to code but a special ‘zone’ primitive is something I’ll need first so that it can have the right on/off switches in the properties interface.

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