Figure Symmetry Plugin

I’ve made a start on a plugin that can perform simple symmetrical operations on figures.  This can be used to switch a whole pose from left to right or copy the pose from one side to the other.  Select the figure’s parent group or hip then choose Edit > Sparrowhawke3D > Figure Symmetry from the top menu in the assemble room.

In the default mode the whole figure pose will swap from left to right.  The plugin works by searching for bones with matching names with the following prefixes; l,left,r,right,L,Left,R,Right.  For example Left Thigh and Right Thigh or rShldr and lShldr.  When the All Bones option is ticked body parts that do not have a matching prefix will be reversed – so if the figure is leaning to the left they will lean to the right after the symmetrical operation.

When the All Bones option is un-ticked the head, torso and hip of the figure will not be changed.  The eyes will swap from left to right though.

The operation can be limited when partial selections are made.  To swap or copy the pose from one hand to the other select the Right Hand and Left Hand in the Scene hierarchy.

This first version does not feature undo and redo and only applies to the current frame.  Symmetry is always about the X axis.  Future versions will try to add improvements such as reversing and matching key frames and being able to undo and redo.